Wedding Reception Planner

Wedding Reception Planner

Ceremony Planner
Please use the following planner if you have hired B.B.'s Best DJ Service to play for your wedding ceremony. This planner represents a generic wedding ceremony. Feel free to note any special requests or changes. We will discuss the wedding ceremony in greater detail during our phone consultation.

General Information

Personal Attendant
Wedding Ceremony Package Added?
Uplighting Package Added?
Secondary Audio Package Added?
Please check any additional amenities that you are making available to your guests:
Please check any additional amenities that you are making available to your guests:
Please check any additional amenities that you are making available to your guests:

Hall Information

* If a floor plan of your banquet hall is available, please provide a copy to BB’s Best prior to your event.

Other Contact Information

External Caterer?
Wedding Planner?
Photo Booth?

Reception Highlights

Cocktail Hour?
Cocktail Music?
Introduction of Bridal Party?
If Yes,
If Lively Introduction, Song Choice for Wedding Party:
If Lively Introduction, Song Choice for Bride and Groom:
Introduction of Desert?
Are you having a Dinner?
Dinner Music
How is Dinner Served?

Per contract, the DJ is to be included for dinner. Please complete the following.

Introduction of Toast/Speeches?
Introduction of Prayer/Blessing?
May Guests Initiate Bride & Groom Kiss?
Video or Slide Show Presentation?
The Shoe Game?
Request Cards Acceptable on Tables?

* If are using BB’s Best to play cocktail and/or dinner music, they need to be in the same
location as the dance portion of the event. If they are in a different location, the Secondary
Audio Package may need to be purchased. Contact BB’s Best for more details

Dance Reception

Bride and Groom Dance?
Bridal Party Dance?
Include Parents?
Include Ushers?
Include Personal Attendant?
Slow Song for all guests?
Father and Bride Dance?
Mother and Groom Dance?
Together with Father and Bride Dance?
Bouquet Toss?
Garter Toss?
If yes, Sit on?
Hokey Pokey?
Chicken Dance?
Electric Slide?
Cha Cha Slide?
Cupid Shuffle?
Dolar Dance?
Anniversary Dance?

Special Dances/Songs?
Examples: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Friends, etc…

Must Hear Songs

(Please List all Songs that you Require to be Played)

Like To Hear Songs

(Please List all Songs that you Like to be Played)

Songs That You Do Not Want Played

(Please List any Songs that you Do Not Want to be Played)

Grand Entrance

Please fill out the Grand Entrance introduction form below. The type column includes a dropdown box that includes various types
of individuals that are introduced. This is the order I typically introduce the wedding party. To help reduce confusion, please list
the bridal party in the same order that was used for the ceremony. To help ensure I get the names correct please write their name as
it sounds. We can review this in more detail at the time of your phone consultation.

(Please Write All Names, First and Last, Phonetically)

Type example: Parent(s) of the Bride
Name: Example: Jane Doe
Escorted or Alone: Escorted by Jane Doe
Please write how you would like to be introduced.
Examples: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, John and Jane, John and Jane Doe, Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Doe