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BB's Best Other Services

BB’s Best DJ Service is a full-service DJ Company that offers several additional services, which can be added to your wedding plans anytime before your wedding day celebration.  Feel free to contact BB’s Best for more information about any of these add-on services.

Ist Dance Option

BB’s Best offers an Additional service to make the 1st dance an unforgettable, stand out memorable event.  It is a perfect opportunity to capture some amazing photos and video as guests circle around the bride and groom.  Popular locations for the special 1st dance could be a courtyard, brick patio, or an open grass area. 

The 1st Dance Option can be added at anytime leading up to the wedding day celebration.  Feel free to reach out to BB’s Best for more information.

What’s Included:

  • Additional DJ Setup for 1st Dance Option
  • Formal announcer
  • Microphone
  • Experience personalized service
  • Custom Event Coordination
  • Complete back-up DJ setup for guaranteed reliability

Slide Show Audio

Are you or your photographer showing a video slideshow during your event? BB’s Best has the answer for you. With a simple connection to the headphone jack on your laptop, BB’s Best can clearly broadcast the audio from the laptop hard drive to my DJ setup wirelessly so all your guests can clearly hear the audio. Best of all this service is free of charge with any event.

Additional DJ Setup

BB’s Best offers an Additional DJ Setup when music and a microphone are requested in a remote location at the wedding venue. 

  • Cocktail music on a patio, courtyard, or in another room
  • Dinner music in a different room than the dance reception
  • 1st Dance of bride and groom on a patio, courtyard, garden, etc

The Additional DJ Setup provides music and a microphone for all your music needs in almost any location.  As guests transition from one area to another music with not be interrupted with the Additional DJ Setup.  

The Additional DJ Setup can be added at any time leading up to your wedding day.  Feel free to contact BB’s Best for more information on how I can help make your wedding day flow seamlessly.

Additional DJ Setup Includes:

  • Additional 3rd DJ Setup
  • Microphone included for any introductions and/or toasts
  • Custom event coordination introductions and/or toasts
  • Experienced personalized service
  • Setup before guests arrive
  • Custom event coordination

Corporate Package

Are you looking to add something special to your corporate event, anniversary, or other party?

I strive to extend a high level of professionalism and personal service to my clients. Hire BB’s Best DJ Service and I will work with you to pre-plan your event so your party flows smoothly. Using the event planner and through consultations, we will discuss your music preferences and begin to layout the order of events. By utilizing BB’s Best DJ Service, you can ensure a great sound quality not only for the music played during the party but also for your presenters as they address your employees or guests.


What clients have said

Great and organized

Bob with BB’s Best was amazing at our wedding! Yes, we were looking for a great DJ to play music at our reception, but we also wanted someone who was ready to come in and take control of moving the reception along smoothly. Bob played the perfect amount of country, oldies, and rock like we requested, in addition to the perfect number of slow songs. He kept the reception running smoothly and was very organized. Definitely recommend!

Mackenzie & Caleb

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