Wedding Ceremony Planner

Wedding Ceremony Planner

Ceremony Planner
Please use the following planner if you have hired B.B.'s Best DJ Service to play for your wedding ceremony. This planner represents a generic wedding ceremony. Feel free to note any special requests or changes. We will discuss the wedding ceremony in greater detail during our phone consultation.

General Information

Is a Microphone Clipped on the Groom Acceptable?
Is a Microphone Needed for the Officiate/Minister?
Is the ceremony located in the same room as the reception?
Inside or Outside
Other Contact Information
B.B.’s Best can provide the microphone and sound system to play a pre-recorded accompaniment. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to provide the accompaniment in digital format to B.B.’s Best. Please state the guest singer’s name in the artist field for any songs they are performing in ceremony portion of this planner.
Special Guest Singer(s)?
Microphone Needed?
Ceremony Overview and Order
The following section is for a brief order of your service.
Pre-Ceremony and Entrance Details
Prelude Music:
Entrance Music and Order
The following section has been created so B.B.’s Best can help ensure all of the wedding party is ready and lined up in the proper order for the start of the ceremony. The format below is setup where the groom and officiant can enter in at several different times during the processional. Please select at which point you would like them to enter. If the groom enters with his parents, please enter his name next to his parents name in the parents’ entrance section. Your selections can be discussed further during the phone consultation.
Groom and Officiant Enter Here?
Include Grandparents in Processional?
During Prelude Music
Groom and Officiant Enter Here?
Include Parents in Processional?
During Prelude Music

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Entrance

Groom and Officiant Enter Here?
How Will Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Enter?
Scripture or Poem Read?
Microphone needed?
Special Ceremony Music
Recessional Music