Based in
Burlington, Wisconsin

Owned and Operated by
Bob Bieneman

(262) 534-6527

Frequently Asked Questions
This is a list of commonly asked questions that should be asked of
BB's Best DJ Service and all other disc jockeys.
#1) Who will be the disc jockey at my event?
Bob Bieneman is the sole proprietor of BB's Best DJ Service. When you hire BB's Best DJ Service for your event, you are hiring Bob Bieneman as your disc jockey.
#2) What kind of attire will the disc jockey wear to my event?
BB's Best is a very professional DJ Service therefore; I will be professionally attired to blend in with the formality of the event.
#3) May we ask the disc jockey to adjust the volume of the music if we see fit?
At your event, you set the volume and you name the songs. The equipment levels are set to a comfortable level to allow conversations to take place without the need to yell to be heard. If at any time you would like the volume adjusted, just let me know I will be happy to accommodate your wishes.
#4) Will the disc jockey play my requests or the requests of the guests?
During phone consultations, we will discuss your music preferences and I will play songs on the music list that you have provided. I also provide request cards that can be put on the guest's tables. Remember, you set the volume and you name the songs.
#5) Is a deposit required?
BB's Best does require you to pay a holding fee to reserve your date. This fee is non-refundable and is calculated as part of the final balance due.
#6) May I contact your references?
Upon request I can provide a list of names and phones numbers of past clients who have given permission to release their phone numbers in the information packet I send by mail.
#7) Is a microphone available to use at my event for speeches?
I have a cordless and a corded microphone, which may be used for any necessary announcements or speeches.
#8) What time will the disc jockey arrive to the event?
I will be completely set up and ready to play music as your first guests begin to arrive at the event.
#9) If the wedding is taking place at the reception hall, can you provide the music for the ceremony?
BB's Best is a full service DJ Service that has romantic wedding music as well as the traditional instrumental wedding ceremony music. Refer to the wedding ceremonies page for more details on how I can handle all of you music needs.
#10) May I bring any of my own music from home for the disc jockey to play?
BB's Best DJ Service has a complete music library with over 34,000 songs spanning from the 1940's through today. However, if there is a special song you would like played that I do not have you are more than welcome to bring a CD or an iPod to the event for me to play.
#11) Can we plug into your DJ sound system to play the audio for the slide show presentation we are showing to our guests?
Yes, if the audio of the slide show is either on your laptop or played through a DVD player, then I can play the audio part of the slide show through my DJ Setup. Refere to the slide show page for more details.
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